mariliismakus comThe right shape of the glassbead is brought about by the mastery of gravitational direction and turning. This challenge is what makes me create each new glass bead, each unique from the previous one. The art of beadmaking is very technical, yet it is also a creative one, because one never really knows the ultimate outcome. To achieve a bright, warm and emotion-inducing piece of art the bead is melted to a thin stainless steel rod. No matter how precise your technique, there are no two identical beads. The meaning and story is given to the bead by the recipient of it. This uniqueness, precision, the duality of glass as material and endless opportunities have fueled my passion for evermore creative and challenging beads for the past decade.

My humble beginnings and introduction to glass as material started in 1996 in a glass melting workshop, which consumed me entirely. Quickly, numerous courses in Estonian Academy of Arts followed, also courses under internationally acclaimed glass artists. These early years saw a focus primarily in various glass melting techniques, stained glass mosaic and tiffany stained glass approaches. My first real encounter with glass beadmaking was in Istanbul in 2008.

The technical perfection in the art of glass is paramount to me, and I know to achieve this perseverance and relentless practice is required, to learn new techniques, and of course to practice, test and try. Thus, I adsorb all new knowledge and pour them into my glass.

Since 1998 I have led courses in Tallinn Open University (Rahvaülikool), as well as in my previous studios in Rotermann quarter and Kadriorg. My work has also been in various galleries and exhibitions over the years – an interesting challenge for me . . .


Mari-Liis Makus glass design

Societies I belong to

International Society of Glass Beadmakers /ISGB/
Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union


2014 Masterclass in Vienna. Claudia Trimbur Pagel (France)
2014 Mastercall in Uttoexeter, UK. Melanie Moertel (Germany)
2011 Masterclass in UK. Michi Suzuki (Japan)
2010 Advanced Beadmaking in Istanbul. Andrea Guarino Slemmons (USA)
2009 Advanced Beadmaking in Istanbulis. Jelveh Jaferian (USA)
2008 Beadmaking for beginners, Jelveh Jaferian (USA)
2000 Tiffany-technique stained glass, Estonian Academy of Arts,Katrin Tukmann
1997 Stained glass and melting techniques, Estonian Academy of Arts, Mare Saare
“Nocturn”, May to June 2014 Rütman Gallery, Rapla
“Pearl Catcher” May 2013 Estonian Crafts House, Tallinn
“Milkiway” July 2010 Estonian Crafts House, Tallinn
“The Drops of Day and Night”, July 2009 Estonian Handicraft House, Tallinn